Toyota Landcruiser LC200 - VDJ70 Intercooler Fan Kit

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Intercooler Fan Kit 

The CDI Motorsport Fan Kits are designed to bolt directly to the standard VDJ70 & LC200 series Landcruiser's fitted with the 1VD-FTV engine.  Our kits will work with both pre DPF & facelift DPF models.

The kit reduce the recovery time of heat soak & minimise the affects of heat soak while under heavy loads.

Why is this important?, When the air temperature increases the engines ability to produce & maintain the required power reduces significantly. 

We do this with 2 High Flow fans mounted on a specifically designed & laser cut frame that maximises the airflow at low & high speeds.  



At first glance they look like every other but are quite different to what is currently available on the market for a few reasons. 


-Hard wired the fans directly into the loom.

To remove a failure point, as the vast majority of 4x4's encounter harsh conditions that result in corrosion of the plug terminals. We have seen this often & it's not acceptable. 


-IP67 rated waterproof Relay & Fuse enclosure.

The most important parts of the kit, Fans & Relay Circuit. If they get wet internally they will stop working. We remove this risk with keeping the IP67 rating that matches the fans.


-The Fuse & Relay holder. 

We have gone to great lengths to find the most compact & efficient form of housing the Fuses & Relays. While locating it in a place that doesn't affect aftermarket accessories. 

By moving it out of the way under the intercooler in the un used space you can add in that extra battery on the 70 Series or the extra fuel filter on the 200 Series without interference. 

 -Fan mount & Shroud. 

Airflow is key... When designing the kit, Knowing that for maximum airflow during all conditions there has to be minimal interference with moving air. 

High density foam underneath to insulate the intercooler form contact with metal parts of the kit.

CAD designed Powder Coated fan mounting structure of marine grade Aluminium to keep weight at a minimum while retaining the precise amount of strength to house the fans & wiring through the toughest conditions.  

Outer Shroud that contacts the bonnet seal perfectly to keep all inward flowing air going through the intercooler. Insulated underneath to stop all vibration between components.  



After many iterations & testing kilometers this is the end product. 

A highly refined design that'll provide the results you require for many years to come. 



Below are the downloadable fitting instructions for both the LC200 & VDJ70 series vehicles.  

Please not this kit is pre wired to suit the VDJ70. With minimal adjustments & with supplied parts it will fit the LC200.

Follow all instructions, if in doubt please contact us or consult your local mechanic/auto electrician for help. 




Fitting Instructions for your LC200 View Online 

Fitting Instructions for your VDJ70 View Online 

Fitting Instructions for your LC200 DOWNLOAD

Fitting Instructions for your VDJ70 DOWNLOAD