Toyota Hilux Kun26 Auto Trans Cooler

Toyota Hilux Kun26 Auto Trans Cooler

Hilux trans oil cooler kit just about finished. 

All that's left now it the packaging and instructions. 

Brief story on how this all came about. I had owned GQ patrol ute for some years and well I had enough of the TD42 life and wanted something newer & with more potential. As with most people I didn't want to spend a tone of money on purchasing the new car. That being said I didn't want a lemon either, now I found the ute that ticked the boxes (SR5 Dual Cab Champagne Styleside Auto) but with one issue it has a Lot of kilometers on it and I mean a Lot. Got me thinking this may actually be good to show the potential of these 1KD engines. Did some checks, haggled with the seller and came out with a alright deal.


Ok so end goal of making decent power I have to cover the supporting mods first that being said, its's auto I need a trans cooler first. 

After having a bit of a search to see what the options were on the market for these oil coolers I had come to the conclusion that they just don't do what I want. Being the person I am I don't like to buy things if I can make them myself, and in this case it works perfect. (I'm a sheet metal fabricator by trade)


Alrighty so this is it just after test fitting, still has protective plastic on the laser cut 2mm SS bracketry. 

Now this it the unit all fitted up. Bolts directly onto the rad support. Remove horn place bracket on, refit the horn if you like using the factory bolt. ( I moved myne to the other side of the bonnet latch)

For bolting the lower section and the oil cooler to the brackets it's self I will supply all necessary hardware. I suggest you fit and tighten up the top bracket before install and loose fit the lower bracket to the cooler and tighten once fixed to the rad support.   

Thanks to my awesome photo skills you can see the routing of the oil lines.


Tighten the AN fittings pointing in the appropriate direction the lines will point and run down to the top of the chassis rail and route neatly on top of the chassis to their final destination that's the factory hard lines coming of the transmission. 

Because of the way I have made this design the hardest part of this install is simply the oil fill. Can be done either by pre filling the oil cooler and blocking the ends or fitting it dry and filling afterwards. 

Now you can run the cooler if you so choose inline with the factory (through radiator) or complete stand alone as I have made the oil lines the length (plus a little bit more) needed so they can be fitted directly to the factory hard lines.  

So that's it for now. Will add more when I get it all 100% ready to go. 



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