Ok so I have been pretty slack on the website of late as you could see. 

Lot has been going on in the background.

Sean's Micra has had some big updates find some deets here. https://www.instagram.com/later_k11/

We did a N15 Nissan Pulsar SR20 motor & box conversion. 

We fabricated a forward facing exhaust manifold, Full new 3" exhaust, new intercooler system, new radiator system. 

Billet axles by a local machine shop to suit.



Others cars. We did a full drive in drive out turbo kit on Eddy's aircon K11 Micra. using a stock RB26 turbo. 


Now for some good new for the Toyota Landcruiser lovers out there.

We have been working closely with a local diesel performance shop to produce a intercooler fan kit for the 200 series & VDJ70 series platform.

We have resolved all the issues found across the board with fitment, wiring & performance. What we have produced is the quickest fitting best fitting kit with aftermarket accessories kit there is. 

We use Spal fans that are arguably the best there is. A sealed relay box that equals the water proof rating of the fans that's IP67. Have literally submerged the entire system in water & ran for 5 minutes non stop multiple times to test the sealing.